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B2B meetings

Business MeetingsYou have identified your potential partners and clients, now it is very important to meet with them by participating in various forums and exhibitions.

MICE Solutions can offer its assistance in this matter and provide support while you travel to Uzbekistan or abroad. 

Why your Company needs B2B meetings:

1. The direct communication with potential partner and client

2. Much more useful negotiations for a short time

3. Participants previously acquainted with partners’ profiles, therefore are prepared for meetings and spend less time for getting know each other

4. All meetings are appointed only with the consent and under the mutual interest of both parties. This provides the high efficiency of the time spent for B2B meeting.

You are at B2B meeting to find your new clients and partners.

Our services:

  • compiling a database of potential partners;
  • searching and selection of interested companies;
  • preliminary discussions and information exchange;
  • organizing if transfers and hotel accommodation;
  • technical support.

Business MeetingsB2B meeting is a total concentration on negotiation process and the establishment of new business contacts.

Depending on your wishes, B2B meetings can take place in negotiation halls rented for you, as well as at the territory of potential partner companies. We can also offer to organize such meetings either in modern halls of Tashkent business-centers or hotels. Meeting-rooms create a perfect business environment and have the necessary office equipment. During B2B meetings we offer soft drinks, tea and coffee to participants.

MICE Solutions offers several formats of B2B meetings:

One-on-One Meetings - sectoral meetings with potential business partners in a format of limited business negotiations and in accordance with pre-defined time schedule. Number of participants – 30-70 persons. The duration of the event – from 3 to 6 hours.

Business Matchmaking – specially arranged meetings with potential clients/partners. The duration of the event – from 1 to 3 days, 4-5 meetings per one day. Meetings are preceded by  information exchange and identifying qualified companies matching your requirements. Specific proposals and cooperation are discussed during such meetings.

Focus Group Meeting – private event for a small number of professionals (25-30 persons) from a particular sector of business for discussion of several key issues related to their filed of work. A meeting is held in a format of presentation of a particular subject or company, followed by discussion and negotiation. The duration of the event is not more than 5 hours.

Video Conference Communication - negotiations with business partners and clients in real time anywhere in the world. A great opportunity to organize an international business meeting, without leaving your city. Using a special communication equipment of a meeting-room you  will be able to talk with your foreign partners and clients. You save time, money and efforts and still achieve your goals.

B2B meetings and negotiations is ideal way for small and medium-sized business, not only to gain access to new markets for their products, services and technologies, but also the opportunity to find strategic partners for joint ventures and production.

We offer the following to our Business Clients:

  • gather information you need about the business in which you are interested to invest or plan a joint project;
  • organize your flight, meeting at the airport and hotel accommodation;
  • organize meetings with your potential partners;
  • provide qualified translators/interpreters and other technical staff by your request.


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