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Kids Birthday Parties

Детский день рожденияКлоуны на детский день рожденияДетский день рождения The birthday party is very exciting event for every child. Kids always look forward to their birthday celebrations. They want all their friends to be invited, want more fun, more games and more gifts! 
For planning and organizing such celebration, you should take into account the following:
  • The entertainment program should be interesting for the “birthday kid” and, of course for invited guests
  • It is very important to know the number of kids in advance, as artists should pay attention to each child (ideally there should be one artist per five children at the party)
  • For teenagers, it is more interesting to have fun with DJ rather than with animators
  • Parties for girls and boys should be different
  • Always take into account the character of “birthday kid” and his/her interests and preferences
  • Where to hold a party? It could be your house yard, kindergarten, café, and restaurant. The venue should be comfortable and has enough space for playing games.

Детский день рожденияДетский день рожденияДетский день рожденияКлоуны на детский день рожденияДетский день рожденияДетские праздники

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