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Incentive programs

Incentive tourIncentive tour – is an exclusive tour for key employees or partners. It could combine elements of conferences, trainings, visiting international congress or exhibition, teambuilding, excursions or simply recreation.

It is possible to accomplish the following using incentive programs:

  • expand number of clients and partners and strengthen business relations
  • increase the sales of goods of different categories
  • raise awareness about your company/brand, interest in the product
  • increase staff loyalty to the company

There are so many interesting places, countries and cities in the world. At the same time there are lots of nice hotels, modern conference-centers, exclusive teambuilding programs, unusual tours. Our managers who work out incentive tours know how to combine all interesting things during the incentive trips without wasting much money.

Our services:

  • calculation and comparative analyses of several destinations according to your request;
  • developing of program for incentive trip, choice of hotel and other components of the trip;
  • booking of all services due to the developed program;
  • visa assistance;
  • accompanying during the trip;
  • coordination of suppliers work at the place;
  • providing all necessary financial documentation.

Incentive tour - is one of most effective ways to express appreciation to subordinates, to show respect to customers or loyalty to your dealers or partners.

Insentive tour - it is a sea, sand, talks Incentive tourin informal atmosphere. Head of any company can do this and only will only benefit from this: increase his/her image in the eyes of staff, which likely has a positive impact on the company’s profits in the near future, will be able to negotiate more favorable conditions for cooperation with customers, will present a new work plan for the future.

It is difficult to force one to work, especially, to work intensively for a long time. There are no universal ways of doing business, but experience of successful companies proves that it is better to give motivation to work instead of forcing to do something.

MICE Solutions offers incentive tours to different destinations. You can use such kind of motivational tool to reward your best employees for achieved performance results or to encourage working more effectively in the future. Such stimulating effect lasts much more rather than monetary awards.  The unusual trip, that will be remembered for a lifetime affects much stronger. The upcoming trip will force employees to work much better, effectively and for a long time using all their resources to achieve the company’s goals.

Incentive tour differs from other tours as it includes significant events and activities, which clearly related to working for your company with awarding for extra ordinary efforts. Besides, an incentive tour has to encourage employees to work more effective; to unite and motivate the team working as well as intensive training together with recreation activities will give greater effect.

Call us and we will offer different destinations for Incentive tours.

Our tour manager will work out a special incentive tour for your company, taking into account the nature of your business. Your team is your Success. Let your team members know that they work in the Best Company!

For organizing of the incentive tour we will:

  • provide the most optimal direction in the category “price-quality”;
  • take care about air-flights of your employees, meeting at the airports and their accommodation in hotels;
  • develop entertainment program