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Ichan-Kala Hotel ****+

Ichan-Kala HotelAddress: 75/10, Yusuf-Khodjib Str., Tashkent

Description: Hotel passageways look like a labyrinth of oriental streets and we turned them into little bazaar where you will find apples, persimmons, dried fruits and nuts on stylized counters, the colored mountains which attract travelers’ eyes in real oriental markets.
Bazaar is the heart of Eastland with its unique flavor a shine, rustling and taste, new and old crop stocks ... Walking along such side street is a real pleasure and while preparing surprises for our guests we knew about it.


The entire complex is divided into narrow streets so colorful and oriental as if you are in old cities of Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand. High blank walls, pieces of sky above, silence and roadways will make our guests to get lost for a while. When wandering about and savoring oriental flavor you can meet someone from the staff dressed in traditional costume as if from a fairy tale and rejoice and ask smiling the way to your villa feeling not the 21th  century but at least the 16th… 

Small street of Ichan-KalaSmall street of Ichan-KalaSmall street of Ichan-Kala

The core component of the summer terrace is a beautiful fountain giving coolness even in the sultriest weather. Four women surround the figure of Water and Fertility Anahita Goddess in the central part who pouring water from a jug into the pool. It is so nice to listen to old tales, which are old even for Khiva Khanate – the legends of Zarathustra time, the time of Justice and Faith in the elements. According to an old proverb you can observe water flows infinitely. The pool is sacral; you can feel energized near it.

Oriental marketOriental marketOriental marketCourtyardSmall street of Ichan-KalaCourtyard

Hotel Rooms Capacity: 60 luxury rooms, located in five villas named after famous cities - Fergana, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khorezm and Khiva.

Those are comfortable two-storey buildings with their own inherent and unique design. No room is repeated in décor, in every house you will feel peculiar and unique atmosphere.
All the furniture, doors, partitions and interior decorations are tailor-made and considered to be works of art.
 Samarkand Villa

The eternal city evokes consciousness of anyone who has ever been in it. Samarkand is the city of legends, amenities and harmony, greatness of spirit and time infinity.

In front of each villa there is a small terrace with tables for two persons. It is a pleasure to welcome morning, drink coffee, get some fresh air and smoke. At the entrance to each villa you will find special machines for shoes cleaning and umbrella stand.

“Samarkand” Housing has eight Superior Rooms. Four of them are located on the first floor and other four on the second. The rooms overlook the courtyard.

Superior Room is a spacious room consisting of a living room furnished with easy chairs, a sofa and a coffee table. There is a plasma TV set. There is a full size bed, bedside tables and a spacious wardrobe in the residential section. The working part is furnished with sofas and a coffee table; it has a TV set and a telephone too. Like in all other rooms of this type in our complex you will find an individual safe. A telephone providing international, national and domestic telephone line is also a basic service for Superior guests.

The bathroom in those accommodations is equipped with a shower cubicle and a basic set of cosmetic and bath accessories – a bathrobe, towels and slippers.

On the ground floor of the villa there is a children's site which is available for all the visitors of the hotel. The interior of this part is made in bright colors and uplift young guests’ mood. You will find computers, televisions, small and soft chairs and sofas as well as cots for your kids.

Samarkand VillaSamarkand VillaSamarkand VillaSamarkand VillaSamarkand VillaSamarkand Villa
Bukhara Villa

The sacred Bukhara is Uzbek gem which won worldwide fame and honor. The villa for the most discerning guests is named after it.

The first floor is occupied by Executive Suite Room and Junior Suite Room. All rooms of the villa overlook the patio.

The accommodations of this type are spacious and light, consisting of two rooms - a bedroom and a living room. There is a soft double bed made of walnut root, a large two-wing wardrobe and bedside tables with elegant fixtures in the bedroom. The floor is covered with a handmade carpet.

There is soft furniture, a coffee table, a TV set, a phone and a device for IPhone in the living-room. You will fine low-alcohol and soft drinks in mini bar. A coffee machine and a kettle are available in the room with elite varieties of tea and coffee.

The bathroom has a shower cabin and Jacuzzi as well as all the necessary bath and beauty amenities.

Improved-type Superior Rooms occupy the second and the ground floors of the villa. It appears as one large accommodation divided into two zones – a bedroom and a living room. All rooms of this type are furnished with French size beds, a spacious wardrobe and bedside tables. There is cushioned furniture, a coffee table, an office table and comfortable chairs in the living-room.

Plasma TV set, a telephone and Wi-Fi are mandatory services for all the hotel rooms.

Bed linen and towels are changed every day from the moment of guest’s arrival. The hotel provides daily housekeeping.

Bukhara VillaBukhara VillaBukhara VillaBukhara VillaBukhara VillaBukhara Villa

Fergana Villa

The two-storey Villa combining both the distinguished and attractive architecture of ancient times and modern practicality and elegance. In this building you will find six dissimilar rooms. The first floor of the villa is occupied by two numbers of Executive Suite Room and Junior Suite Room.

The infrastructure of each room includes a separate bedroom, a cozy lounge and a bathroom. The bedroom has a comfortable walnut bed, а wardrobe, а desk and an easy chair with a floor lamp. The living room is furnished with soft pieces, a coffee table, a plasma TV set, a device to work with IPhone and a telephone with domestic, international and long-distance lines. You will find a mini-bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee and oriental sweets.

Private bathrooms in this class rooms have a shower cubicle and Jacuzzi. They contain all the necessary beauty and bath accessories, warm bathrobes, slippers and towels.

Wireless internet is available throughout the hotel, if you need a laptop it will be brought to your room.

For the guests who arrive at the hotel on business, our butlers are always ready to help as temps. They print or scan your documents and make tea or coffee for you.

On the second floor of "Fergana" Complex there are 4 Deluxe Rooms. These improved- type rooms can rival luxury rooms both in beauty and functionality.

That is a single-room accommodation visually divided into two zones - residential and working. There is a full-size bed, bedside tables and a spacious wardrobe in the residential section. The working part is furnished with sofas and a coffee table; it has a TV set and a telephone too.

Fergana VillaFergana VillaFergana VillaFergana VillaFergana VillaFergana Villa

Khorezm Villa

The special pride of “Ichan Kala” Complex is Khorezm VIP Villa. The two-story magnificence is fully provided for a single guest only. That whole house is subject to whims of one guest. Among the guest who enjoyed staying here are very famous people visiting our capital, such as the idol of the public, the great French actor Gerard Depardieu, Sultan Suleiman the star of "Magnificent Century" and in real life the actor named Halit Ergenc. That is only a partial list of "Khorezm" Villa guests.

There are four rooms in the villa with exclusive interior, a kitchen, a small home theater, a dining room, a bar and a billiard room on the ground floor.

Royal Suite Room is located on the first floor. It is a de luxe suite for elegant luxury lovers. The accommodation includes a stylish big hall with a spacious dining room for house parties. The dining room stands slightly above the living room on a pedestal with columns. There is a large oval table, comfortable chairs, a chest of drawers and cupboards.

The furniture beautifying the living room is extraordinarily soft sofas and chairs with a coffee table. All the furniture of the room is made by special order with a purpose to emphasize the status of a guest who has chosen to stay here.

To make the accommodation more comfortable the bedroom is separated from the hall by a small corridor.

In the bedroom you will find a big King Size bed and a bedroom suite made on special design, consisting of a dressing table, a wardrobe, bedside tables and a pouf. The bedroom is furnished with a coffee table, chairs and a small desk.

In order to create a home-like atmosphere in every room of the villas we put soft, hand-made carpets with oriental motifs.

A separate kitchen is one of "Khorezm" Villa features. It is equipped at a state-of-the-art level, which allows you to experiment with plenty of cooking. Other stuff we provide to make your life easier is a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a coffee maker and much more.

"Khorezm" is a through Villa overlooking both the summer terrace in the courtyard and the back door for those wishing to remain incognito.

Khorezm VillaKhorezm VillaKhorezm VillaKhorezm VillaKhorezm VillaKhorezm Villa

Khiva Villa

Khiva Villa retains the overall style and color of ancient East, despite its inner modernity and functionality.

This three-story building differs in size a bit. A spacious hall, long corridors, interior, with floral decorations and painting of Uzbek artists are the features of the villa.

On the ground floor there a ticket office, currency exchange, travel agency services and instant payments. These services are available for both "Khiva" guests and visitors from other villas. Further down the hall you will find the reception with sympathetic and polite Butlers. Villa Interior is done in soft pastel colors. Custom-made furniture, handmade chandeliers and lamps perfectly complement the overall picture.

Available lift will move you from floor to floor.

“Fidelio” software support interconnects all the computers. A distinguishing feature of the program is ability to store information about guests, the period of their staying at the hotel, preferences and requirements that allows the management to provide it by the next visit.

There are altogether 34 rooms in "Khiva" Village of four types: Executive Suite Room, Senior Suite Room, Junior Suite Room and Superior Room.

The upgraded room in “Khiva” Villa (Superior Room) is very functional and comfortable. All rooms have WiFi service. There is a French bed, a small but comfortable table and chairs. A plasma TV set with a digital television is on the wall, there is also a device for iPhones and phones. The bathroom has a shower cabinet with necessary toiletries and personal care cosmetics. The wardrobe is located in a small hall of the room.

The accommodation consists of one room and a hall. On the coffee table you will find photo albums with historical and archival photographs of old Uzbek Land and a disc with excellent Khorezm ethnic tracks in a modern arrangement recorded specifically for our hotel.

There are 27 rooms of this type in the villa.

Senior Suite Room or Suite captivates visitors right off the bat.

A beautiful and comfortable hall combined with the work area, a cozy lounge with armchairs, elegant bedroom with a king-size bed, a spacious wardrobe and an office desk. There is also a fridge with soft drinks and beer in the room. 24-hours room-service is provided.

Bathrooms of all suites are equipped with a sink, a shower cabinet and Jacuzzi. There is a full set of beauty and bath accessories, bathrobes and towels. There only two rooms of this class in the villa.

Crystal chandeliers, wall sconces and stained glass windows are the unique work done in one copy only. Natural flowers compositions made of flowers brought from famous Flower Empires are refreshed twice a day.  Khiva VillaKhiva VillaKhiva VillaKhiva VillaKhiva VillaKhiva Villa

Baqqol Restaurant

Baqqol RestaurantLounge barLounge barBaqqol RestaurantBaqqol RestaurantBaqqol RestaurantBaqqol RestaurantРесторан BaqqolBaqqol Restaurant

Fitness Club

The "Ichan Kala" Sports Complex our guests will find everything they need for a variety of sports activities. Indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, massage and Spa rooms, a gym for group fitness, martial arts room, fitness room are always ready to serve our guests.

Зал единоборствFitness-CenterGym

SaunaPoolOutdoor Pool