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AquaTherm Tashkent 2022

Aqua-Therm Tashkent 2014Data: September 28-30, 2022

Description: International exhibition Aquatherm Tashkent 2022 heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, sanitary ware, swimming pools, technologies for environmental protection and renewable energy sources in Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Venue: Tashkent, Uzexpocentre

Organizer: Iteca Exhibitions 

Description: "Aqua-Therm Tashkent" is a unique exhibition in Uzbekistan that demonstrates all the novelties and innovations of HVAC market and annually gathers together top Russian and foreign manufacturers of the industry.


"Aqua-Therm Tashkent" straddles all the key sectors of climate control equipment and water supply market.

Exhibition Sections:
  • Heating:
    • automatic control systems
    • fittings and valves
    • wind power generators
    • solar-powered water heating systems
    • gas burners and boilers
    • instrumentation
    • boilers
    • pumping equipment
    • pumps
    • regulating systems
    • sanitary equipment
    • heating systems
    • solar power - power supply systems
    • pipes and fittings
    • environmental technologies
    • energy-saving technologies
    • solar electric systems
  • Air conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems:
    • ventilation
    • ducts
    • diffusers
    • air cleaning
    • air pollution control
    • components and equipment
    • compressors, pumps
    • air conditioning
    • air humidification and humidity spreaders
    • cooling supply
    • refrigeration equipment
  • Filters and water purification technologies:
    • water filters
    • water purifying, water supply and water treatment
    • equipment and materials for residential and commercial water treatment
    • equipment for purifying and pouring of portable water
    • sewerage systems
    • coolers, dispensers, point-of-use water dispensers
    • treatment of sewage water of residential and industrial origin
    • industrial equipment and technologies of water purifying, reagents for chemical water treatment
    • industrial sewage treatment, technologies of water reuse
  • Pools:
    • water parks
    • swimming pools and equipment
    • jacuzzi tubs
    • baths, saunas, SPA
    • chemical components for pools
  • Design and equipment for bathrooms:
    • bathroom accessories
    • baths and showers
    • furniture and accessories for bathrooms
    • mixers
    • towel dryers