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Information about Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan: brief information about the countryIslam Khodja Minaret in Khiva

Uzbekistan is located in the beautiful oasis, in the very back of the Central Asian region. It is a truly fantastic country to fall in love with at first sight. The beauty of its nature is fascinating: emerald green foliage on a background of blue sky and white clouds. The number of ancient monuments and their beauty and architecture impress the mind: the oriental palaces with domes and minarets gazing upward. A distinctive national character: the culture, customs, traditions, cuisine are deeply fascinating. In short, it is impossible to stay away from anything that offers this amazing country.  

Visiting Uzbekistan - it is a unique chance to plunge into the ancient history if these place, this huge part of the Great Silk Road, to follow the path of great conquests of the Persians, Greeks, Mongols. It is a great opportunity to see and touch the treasures if material culture – magnificent monuments, surviving through the thickness of centuries as a heritage from different historical periods and dynasties.

The marvelous beauty of these places gives so many opportunities to nature lovers! Soft contours of the mountains, winding rivers, carrying their crystalline waters through oasis and deserts, bright green valleys and blue lakes.  Only here you can find the most sweet, delicious and juicy fruits which ripe under the wicked Asian sun.
Registan square in SamarkandHowever, if you a real gourmet, here you should try all Uzbek cuisine, which became famous much far beyond the borders of our country! This is an amber “pilav”, and melting “manti”, crispy “samsa” and of course “non” which exude the most delicious smell of bread. Uzbekistan is a real paradise for gourmets! 

And this is a small part of what Uzbekistan conceals there – a real oriental tale, living according to today’s rules.  

Official name of the country: The Republic of Uzbekistan

Polity: Presidential Republic

Head of the Country: President

Territory: 447, 400 square km.

Population: More than 26 million

Capital: Tashkent

National Holiday:  Independence Day -1 September

National Currency: Sum

Religion: Islam

Climate: Continental, dry

Structure: The country comprises of 12 regions and Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan 

Important cities: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Fergana, Andijan.

State symbols:

Uzbekistan flagFlag

The flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan consists of blue, white and green stripes. White stripe edged with red lines both on the top and bottom. On the blue tripe, at the base there are white crescent and 12 pentangular white stars. Blue color symbolize a blue sky and water, white – symbol for peace and purity of thoughts, green- means adherence to Islam and fertility of nature, red – the energy of the people. White crescent – the symbol of commitment to Islam, 12 stars – 12 months and 12 zodiacal constellations that correspond to these months.

  The state emblem of Uzbekistan

State Emblem  

The state emblem of Uzbekistan is a picture of rising sun over the mountains, the rivers and blooming valley, surrounded by a wreath with braided ears of bread (on the right) and cotton balls (on the left side). In the center of the emblem there is a picture of Humo-bird – a symbol of happiness and freedom.


Official language: Uzbek

Uzbek language has been accepted as official language in 1989. Uzbek language belongs to the Central Asian Turkic group of languages. The modern literary Uzbek language is based on the Fergana dialect and used from the beginning of the XX century. Prior to XX century, the literary language at the territory of Uzbekistan was Persian and Old Uzbek or Chagatai. The spoken language has many different dialects.

The Arabic alphabet was the basis for Uzbek language until 1928. Latin alphabet – from 1928 till 1940. Cyrillic alphabet was used from 1940 till 1992. Since 1992 Uzbek language uses Latin alphabet over again.