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UZAGROEXPO 2014Data: November 23-25, 2022

Description: International exhibition “UzArgoExpo - Agriculture”


Venue: Tashkent, NEC “UzExpoCenter”, Pavilion 1

Organizer: ООО «International Expo Group»

Tel.: (+998 71) 238 59 59


The exhibition UzAgroExpo – this is a sign event for the market for agricultural production and machine building, stock raising and poultry raising, veterinary services, production of fertilizers, fodders and contribution, the means of protection of the plants and other technologies. 

The exhibition “UzAgroExpo” traditionally became the place of meetings of the specialists of branch; in the work of exhibition take active part domestic producers, the specialists from the countries of the CIS and foreign countries.

Basic task of exhibition – to create for the specialists platform for the effective business communication with the producers of food, equipment for the processing, to present within the framework exhibitions entire technological process of the production of food products, from processing of raw material to obtaining of the final packed product. 

Visitors, guests, and participants yearly have the capability to obtain reliable information relative to contemporary state and prospects for further development of the agrarian sector of economy not only in Uzbekistan, but also in the world. 

The Exhibition is organized with the official support:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Association of the Manufactures of Livestock of Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Association of Food Industry Enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Council of farmers of the Republic of Uzbekistan 

Exhibition Profile: 

 Agricultural machinery

- Tractors, engines

- Wheel and tracked tractors

- Universal and special tractors

- Equipment for the soil and seeding

- Cultivators

- Combined soil working and sowing machines

- Universal Drills

- Seeding for direct sowing of grain

- Precision Seed Drills

- Machines for planting vegetables

- Chemical means and sprayers

- Equipment for organic and mineral fertilizers

- Combination machines for plant protection

- Equipment for irrigation and watering

- Pump Stations

- Equipment for harvesting grain, root crops and forages

- Maize

- Mowers, rakes, turners, windrower

- Pick-up

- Forage Harvester and complexes

- Loading equipment, loading and grading line

- Containers, tanks and containers

- Trailers and semi-trailers 

Cattle breeding, poultry, veterinary

- Livestock breeding

- Genetic materials

- Breeding and selling of birds, eggs

-  Equipment for the industrial poultry raising

-  Reproduction means

-  Veterinary remedy

-  Animal pest means

-  Accessories to milk

-  Fodder

-  Additives compound

-  Fodder storage

-  Stock building

-  Stock building equipment

-  Manure clarifier

-  Equipment for feeding

-  Milking machines & system

-  Cleaning and  disinfection systems

-  Animal trailer

-  Slaughter systems 

Plant growing. Gardening

- Seeds, seeds and seedlings

- Agro chemistry

- Chemical NWR

- Biological NWR

- Chemical fertilizers

- Soil, soil, fertilizing

- Growth promoters

- Polymers AIC 

Management. Services

- Leasing. Financing and lending

- Insurance

- Consulting

- Engineering

- The construction of agricultural buildings

- Quality control

- Trade

- The literature